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Graham T. Lawrence

Complementary Therapist

Heal Yourself From Within


The history of the Tibetan Singing Bowl is quite mysterious. Some say singing bowls were in use over 2500 years ago and were utilised as sacred healing tools within monasteries, enabling Tibetan Lamas/Monks to reach a higher state of being. It is however speculated that singing bowls have been around much longer, dating back to a Shamanic period of time.

Singing Bowls have been used to facilitate meditation and assist spiritual seekers to the state of enlightenment and were previously used in Tibet for meditation and ceremonial purposes. The Singing Bowls are struck with a padded mallet or rubbed around the rim with a mallet to produce a fascinating blend of harmonic resonances and rich overtones. Today they are used for spiritual traditions, for meditation, relaxation, healthcare, personal well-being and religious practice.

What to Expect:

As each pure note of the Tibetan Singing Bowl resonates, expect to feel your body relax and your thoughts to dissipate. You will find yourself slipping into a sacred place of peace and space. The melody will reverberate throughout your senses, lulling your mind, body and spirit.

Aura Cleanse and Balance Massage:

The sound of the Singing Bowls can be used to fine-tune and balance the energy-field using high frequency aura bowls positioned around the body. The Bowls can also be used to assist in the treatment of various ailments as well as to help relieve pain and this is called a sound massage which helps relieve symptoms and/or pain.

Chakra Cleanse and Balance Sound Massage:

By precise placement of the Chakra Bowls, as each one is for a specific Chakra, they are placed so that they react to the relevant Chakra. The Singing Bowls are then played in such a way they are then able to balance and fine tune the Chakra's engergy field.


The Singing Bowls can be played to give a relaxing Meditation, as the meditation begins, relax and listen with closed eyes to the sounds of the Singing Bowls, note any colours or forms you see or feel. Note also any inner sounds you hear or feel, bearing in mind that different colours have their own tone and can often reflect a balancing of your Chakra. Never judge or intellectualise this process – just let it be as you can consider your feelings later. Remember that meditation is the vehicle that takes us on our own special journey; it assists with:

Alignment between the physical and spiritual.

Contact with the Higher Self, and Development of our quality to “shine forth” or “sound forth” Love.

Relax, feel and enjoy the Sounds taking you on your journey.

 Allow Reiki To Begin

To Heal Yourself From Within

Let The Earth's Energy Heal You