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Graham T. Lawrence

Complementary Therapist

Heal Yourself From Within


Reiki Treatment

Japanese form of stress reduction and relaxation that can promote healing from within. After your Reiki treatment your own body carries on the healing process. Reiki can help with any ailment and works on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

60 minutes £45 - 30 minutes £25

Hopi Ear Candling ( Including a Facial Massage )

Hopi Ear Candling is suitable for all ages, users of this treatment have reported success in treating balance and inner ear problems, build up of wax leading to hearing loss, tinnitus, sinus congestion and colds to name but a few,

45 minutes £40 - 30 minutes ( without Facial Massage ) £25

Indian Head Massage ( Dry )

Release stress, muscle tension, stiffness and eyestrain with this traditional Indian back, neck and facial massage.

45 minutes £40 - 30 minutes ( without Facial Massage ) £20

Singing Bowl Sound Massage

Let the sound of the Singing Bowls fine-tune and balance the Chakras and gently massage the Aura with relaxing sound

60 minutes £45 - 30 minutes £25

Reiki I Workshops

During this workshop you will learn to understand Reiki and its meaning, the history and receive the attunement that will connect you to the Universal Life Force Energy.

You will experience meditation and shown where the Chakra's are, their names and colours. Also you will be told about the aura, protection, cleansing your space, the hand positions for self-treatment and the treatment of others, how to scan the body for illness (Byosen scanning), how to use a pendulum as a treatment tool.

Time will be spent practising Reiki on other members of the class so you leave confident in your ability as a Reiki Healer. After the workshop I am available any time for discussions, as you progress on your Reiki journey. Upon completion you will receive a an 76 page Reiki I manual plus your certificate.

The cost of this workshop is £125.00 per person and will take place over 1 day which usually is a weekend, other days may be available by arrangement, £25.00pp is required when booking with the balance being paid at least 1 month prior to commencement of the course.

 Allow Reiki To Begin

To Heal Yourself From Within

Let The Earth's Energy Heal You